Ray Zhou 周恒瑞 (BEng(CivE) 2012; MPhil 2015)
Helen Bao 鮑寧泓 (BSocSc 2013)

Jody Leung 梁潔茵 (BEd(LangEd) 2010; MEd 2015)
Tony Ngai 魏棟陽

Karen Lee 李嘉恩 (BBA(Acc&Fin) 2010)
Sunny Tang 鄧健誠 (BSc 2009)

We studied different majors in different faculties. Under the traction of fate, we met for the first time at the Hong Kong Taxation class of a summer course. From being classmates and friends to falling in love with each other, our love started at the University. Our marriage is a milestone and we will continue loving each other every day.

Wong Hung 黃虹 (BA 2015)   
Eric Ip 葉林灝 (BNurs 2011)

John Lee 李宇俊 (BSc 2006)
Jessica Tang 鄧淑君

As a member of the Science family and President of HKU Science Alumni Association, I am grateful for the opportunity to develop fellowship among Science graduates through organising many science-related visits and activities. This is also a most memorable part of the love story between Jessica and myself.

Miranda Wong 黃好儀 (BSocSc 2004)
Nelson Chung 鍾世強 (BEcon 1995)

Suhani Jain (BJ 2012) 
Joshua Mostyn (Exchange student 2011/2012)

Julian Cheung 張志培 (BEng(EEE) 2000; MSc(Eng)(ELE) 2003)
Agnes Chan 陳曉菁 (BSocSc(Govt & Laws) 2008; LLB 2010; PCLL 2011; and LLM(HR) 2018)

Jane Hui 許文君 (BSocSc 2013)
Nok So 蘇承諾

Love in time.
We fell love in 2020 and decided to start a new journey together in the time of turmoil.
May peace and love be with all of us.

兩代港大人     時光荏苒     移形換影

Tang Cham-wing 鄧湛榮 (MEd 1996) 
Tang Cheuk-him 鄧卓謙 (BEng(ME) 2017; MSc(Eng)(ME) 2019)