Universities are the primary driving force to break new grounds. Now is the best time to bring in top talents from all over the world.

Professor Peng Gong 宮鵬
Vice-President (Academic Development)

The HKU Global Professoriate Recruitment Campaign is recruiting 100 top scholars from around the world. Over the last two years, HKU has recruited over 200 outstanding scholars as its professoriate staff from universities all over the world. To support eminent academicians HKU has been offering endowed professorships since 2005 and has also introduced other schemes like the Outstanding Young Professorships, the HKU Presidential Postdoctoral Fellowship and the HKU Presidential PhD Scholarship to attract rising academic talents.

Young bright scholars from top universities all over the world have joined HKU.

Professor Juha Merilä is the new Director of Research for the Division of Ecology and Biodiversity. He is an evolutionary biologist who is interested in genetics, selection and environmental variation, from genes and individuals to populations and species. After being at the University of Helsinki for 20 years, he welcomes the opportunity to work in HKU.

The Faculty of Science’s ambitious plans and investments to strengthen HKU’s standing as a world-leading university appealed to me. My goal is to help HKU and my strong young faculty to live up to this aspiration.

Dr Karen Grépin, Associate Professor of the Division of Health Economics, Policy and Management in the School of Public Health. She graduated from Harvard University with a PhD in Health Policy (economics) and was the Canada Research Chair in Global Health Policy and Evaluation at Wilfrid Laurier University.

Professor Taku Komura of the Department of Computer Science is a world-leading expert in character animation, crowd simulation, 3D modelling, cloth animation, anatomy-based modelling and robotics. He was previously with the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics at the University of Edinburgh.

Professor Lo Hoi-Kwong, Director of the Research Division of Physics and Astronomy at HKU, came from the University of Toronto where he was Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Professor of Physics. Born and raised in Hong Kong, he won a Prince Philip Scholarship for undergraduate studies at Cambridge University in 1986.