The capital development project at Pokfield Road aims to redevelop the current site into a new landmark campus hub for providing state-of-the-art academic buildings, a university guest house, a premium residential complex as well as upgraded and expanded sports facilities.

Professor Richard Wong 王于漸
Philip Wong Kennedy Wong Professor in Political Economy

The Farewell Photo Day for the Lindsay Ride Sports Centre and Stanley Smith Swimming Pool was held on September 26, 2020

A Contemporary Hub
Envisioned as one of the most expansive and contemporary hubs in HKU, the new Pokfield Campus will serve as an academic-cultural- sports complex comprising a dedicated building to host the HKU Business School (Phase 1), a university guest house,  junior professoriate staff quarters (Phase 2), and an iconic teaching and learning complex (Phase 3). The existing space and facilities for sports will be redeveloped and upgraded to be fully integrated into the complex with an indoor swimming pool, sports halls, a running track and more. 

Apart from cultivating an innovative environment for teaching and research, the new campus will also emphasise global collaborations and outreach. Expected to be ready and functional by late 2023, the Business School at the Pokfield Campus will be designed to facilitate an immersive environment for HKU students to connect with industry experts across the globe.

This is an exciting milestone for HKU Business School. Building this modern home will greatly enhance the growth and development of the Faculty, and will enable the Faculty to achieve its vision to become a leading globally impactful institution of business and economics education.

Professor Hongbin Cai 蔡洪濱
Dean of Business and Economics

P&T, lead planner for the Pokfield Campus, was selected through a public competitive exercise, involving voting by students, staff, alumni and a panel of experts within and  outside the University. The firm  was chosen over four other finalists for its outstanding proposal regarding parameters such as functionality, sustainability and environmental friendliness, integration with the Main Campus and cost-effectiveness.

The overall design concept will manifest three core pillars, including academia, technological advancement and environmental sustainability of this day and age, and beyond.

Mr Martin Tam
Chairman, Project Group for the Capital Development Complex at the Pokfield Road Site

Fostering Interdisciplinary Collaborations
In  addition  to  the main academic buildings, the Pokfield Campus will have staff quarters and a guest house for scholars from around the world . The new accommodations will significantly expand the university’s capacity to support intellectual exchanges and attract top academics and leaders to live and work in Hong Kong. 

The Pokfield Campus will provide students, academia and international scholars a technology-rich and modern Learning Commons to encourage frequent interactions, exchange of ideas and interdisciplinary collaborations.