Documentary filmmaker Ivy Fung 馮苗馨 (BA Year 4) experienced her first overseas travel thanks to the First-in-the-Family Education (FIFE) Fund. During her exchange at Northwestern University in Chicago, she and three other students made “Chicago’s Smoothest”, a colourful short film about the JB style of dancing on roller skates, inspired by James Brown. It won the “Best of Medill” award at Northwestern’s journalism school.

She interned with Kindling Group, a Chicago-based non-fiction media studio, and also had the chance to work with an Oscar-nominated filmmaker on “Finding Yingying”. This feature-length film, which is still in production, is about the real-life story of a Chinese family who travelled to America to search for their daughter, an international student who was kidnapped. “This experience has not just changed me, but it has strengthened my pursuit in creative storytelling,” Fung said.

Dennis Yeung 楊博文 (BEng (ME) Year 4) used the FIFE Fund to participate in the British Model Flying Association competition. “In the early stage of manufacturing, the team was really frustrated; but we finally made it through trial and error. We took fifth place out of 17 teams. Every time I saw our airplane take off and fly into the sky, I felt elated. It symbolised our teamwork and spirit.”